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Still working on ittttttt, oh gawd whai (3 weeks left before euughguh) ='D

2014-02-26 05:51:27 by oXSpiritusXo

^ That. 

I'm not sure if I need to tweak this more or if it's perfectly fine, so I need some criticism(? ="D???)

And yes, I'll color it and add backgrounds, music and sound. I've already come this far so there's no point stopping midway(????).

SO YEAH OK IMMA GET BACK TO ANIMATING (because it ain't work, it's mah passion...I think =D...).

3986732_139341198953_GELATINVESPA..gif (...It looks like it's lagging a bit. Maybe I should just post the dump file url if it is.)


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2014-02-26 10:16:58

Looks fine, no lag! Might want to add a bit of smoke to the right side of the rear wheel... maybe add a sliding fart sound effect? Or you could just not listen to me at all..... that would probably be best.

oXSpiritusXo responds:

I'm planning to do that =D.... not sure if gif allow sounds...though l8;;


2014-02-27 01:07:36

Oh, you're just giffing it! What are you planning for the setting? Will the background move in the first few frames?

(Updated ) oXSpiritusXo responds:

Prolly not ='D. Haven't put much thoughts into the backgrounds as of yet... qq


2014-02-27 05:43:46

You color the Vespa yet? Wow... how about the inside of a mall? Dirt country road, suburb, old brick industrial, a parade, highway, right before the Grand Canyon... okay |:

oXSpiritusXo responds:

The country road sounds rather appealing...yes yes.... 83333


2014-02-28 03:06:37

Chickens.... don't forget the exploding chickens.

oXSpiritusXo responds:

I'm...not sure about that ='D....


2014-02-28 11:31:47

I just realized NG used to have banner that had chickens running around, and you could click the chickens. Used to be one of my favs! The Portal used to have music playing as well.. ah, old times.

oXSpiritusXo responds:

What happens if you click the chickens? =O!
Hmmmm... I'm not sure if I'm happy to hear music in the portal. I mean, doesn't that interfere with flashes or other music playing in the background?


2014-03-01 01:08:36

The way it slides to face the opposite direction looks great. All it needs is a braking sound effect in the final product, and a frame or two at the end to smooth it out.

oXSpiritusXo responds:

What do you mean by adding a frame or two? =o?
As in make the vespa slide a bit to the side or? =O?


2014-03-02 10:00:18

Chickens go poof! Nah, this was over 10 years ago, and I think it was a simple wav file.. nothing resource draining, had a mute button. Another moldy oldie still online

oXSpiritusXo responds:

Chickens...explode?! =O!


2014-03-03 19:59:44

I think they did... or they turned in to Flash file icons. Yet another piece of history that didn't get archived, though Tom may have it somewhere. Seem to recall a HD failure back then...

Ah, plenty of good and old sites still out there.

oXSpiritusXo responds:



2014-03-03 20:29:26

Nah, I've never found it there! I think there's 1 or 2 Flash banners still surviving though, just not the fun, funky chicken(s) one.

I think @silverwolfx9 means a frame or two left blank, at the end of the loop... but there is already, isn't there? Awfully high frame rate :)

oXSpiritusXo responds:

yesyes qq;;
Also uh...there's a new post ='D....